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TJ's Photos

SPOILER ALERT - You should not read this post before finishing the book otherwise it may spoil the story for you.

All but one of the following resources were either taken by TJ or by photographers who then passed them on to TJ .

All photographs on this page are owned by Iain Maclean, and must not be copied or used in any other way without the expression permission of Iain Maclean, who can be reached at

1. TJ in the arms of his 'Grandpa John', November 1921 outside the Dundonnell Hotel, North West Highlands, Scotland.

2. A break from MI6 training in Winchester. It's likely that Liz, Debbie and Brian are also in this picture, however we have not been able to identify any of the people apart from TJ (far left).

3. The author found this picture when aged 15. It kicked-off his research which ultimately culminated 47 years later in the publication of TJ's War.

Walking through the gates of the Akershous in Oslo, TJ is far left, the man in the middle turned out not to be Siegfried Fehmer, and we have not been able to determine his identity. The man on the right is Max Manus. (See below for an image containing Siegfried Fehmer)

5. Men assembling in Wales, ready to become commandos for the raid on Rjuken. Their mission was to destroy the heavy water plant and thereby stop Germany from developing the Atomic bomb before the Allies. TJ is top right wearing his trade-mark Gaberdine. All of the men here apart from TJ would be dead within 6 months of this picture being taken.

6. Italian priest recruiting for the Resistenza in a secret service held in the hills behind Anzio.

7. The Allies being entertained by soldiers from a Highland Regiment performing a sword dance on Anzio beach.

8. The beaching of SS Donau.

9. Siegfried Fehmer finally captured and brought back to Oslo in June 1945 by TJ. Also in the picture are the two Norwegian policemen who arrested Fehmer's assistant. The assistant was disguised as a woman, while Fehmer had pretended to be a pilot. It is thought their escape plan included stealing an aircraft once Fehmer had collected his dog.

The article published by the British Government's Public Relations office, which very unusually exposed TJ as a member of the Intelligence Corp. The article had a number of goals, one of which was to highlight the cooperation between Norwegians and the Allies.



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