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Introducing TJ's War

Welcome to the home of TJ's War

Thomas John Maclean (TJ) is likely to have been one of the agents Ian Fleming had in mind when writing the James Bond series. The two men operated in MI6 concurrently, often in the same arenas including London, Anzio and Bermuda.

TJ was a Highlander, full of poetry and song, he loved his family, understood his heritage, thrived in the world around him. Upon leaving school, he studied Veterinary Science at Edinburgh University, driven by a burning ambition to end animal cruelty.

But what happened to the soft-spoken, gentle, brilliant Celt who became an alcoholic, dying prematurely in his bed before he was 50?

The answer is WWII.

TJ's War is a dramatised account of TJ’s story. However, it is also the story of a generation.

TJ had become a soldier and then an intelligence agent. Between 1939 and 1945 he operated in the UK, US, Bermuda, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Algeria, Austria and Germany. Clever, resilient and resourceful, he did not fear the trials of mother nature, but the cruelties of mankind were another matter.

All TJ wanted was the peace and time to love Liz, a fellow MI6 agent. Should they dare hope for a life together after the war? And, even if they survived, could their love?

TJ's War is based on the true story of Thomas John Maclean. It is drawn from 30 years of research in 14 countries across three continents, by Iain Maclean, TJ’s son.

What to do next?

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1 Comment

Apr 14, 2023

I’m one of the slowest readers around but found this book a wonderful read. Thirty years well spent Iain.

Message simple and clear - War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

A magnificent tribute to your dad and also to the many like him caught up in the madness of it all.

James S



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